Candidates are hereby advised to strictly follow the steps below, for ALL (Application Form, Acceptance Fee, Tuition Fee etc.) payments made in favour of Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike, for the Centre for Educational Resources:

  1. Visit the CES ePortal - and Sign in using Application Number and Password
  2. After Signing in and while on Account Dashboard, click on "Online Payments" and select Payment Purpose (Application Form, Acceptance Fee, Tuition Fee etc.)
  3. Click on "Add RRN" button, and read the instructions explaining how to generate your RETRIVAL REFERENCE NUMBER (RRN) via Remita. Ensure that you use the details exactly as provided. Such details include Name, Email, Phone Number etc.
  4. After generating a RETRIVAL REFERENCE NUMBER (RRN), return back to the FUNAI SFS ePortal to activate this RRN. Type in the RRN in the text box provided, and click on the "Activate RRN" button. Please note that your RRN MUST BE ACTIVATED on the ePortal before payment is made.
  5. After activation of RRN, payment may then be made. The options provided for payment include:
    • Pay Now With Internet Banking -This enables payment direct from your account login if your bank offers Internet Banking and you have Login Credentials
    • Pay At A Bank Branch - With the generated RRR, you can walk into any Bank and make Payment
    • Pay Now With Cards or Wallet - This enables payment with your ATM Card (Debit/MasterCard/Visa/Verve)
    • Pay Now With Remita - This enables payment if you are registered on the Remita Platform
  6. After payment has been made, a confirmatory text message and email shall be sent to the mobile number of the Candidate/Student, usually within 3 - 5 minutes.

For issues related to payments and payment confirmations, you may wish to contact one of our Support Staff via 0705 075 9344. SMS only.

NOTE: The above steps are strictly required to be followed by any student wishing to make payment(s) on Remita via our ePortal. Failure to do as instructed, may result in severe consequences.